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Disclaimer: The obligation to read and apply the Terms of Use Agreement is the primary objective of this Agreement. Therefore, you must read and agree to the use of the "electro922" code, which is www.electro922.com, to implement all the terms of the agreement. Your access to the site means your full commitment to this agreement in order to preserve public and private rights. Copy, copy and copy, as well as intellectual rights, but we are required to state the source when copying for the accuracy of the information assigned.

· Everything contained in the Electro922 site from articles, pictures, annotations, files, or content of any kind, whether audiovisual, written or photocopied, may copy any content without the permission of the Blog Manager in any way whatsoever by mentioning the source. The code of electro922 you hear is republished with that source.

· The blog management understands that you may be inferred with one or more of the contents of the blog, or that you want to share it for a benefit. If so, you may not distribute the content to yourself, but you must state the source of the content and the link to it. Otherwise you should change or develop the content if you want to spoil yourself.

· Cookies may be used to ensure that the code appears faster, and we have made every effort to ensure that cookies, which are created by Blogger blogs, do not cause any harm. However, we are not responsible for any damage caused by misuse or lack of awareness, or any damage resulting from these files.

· The intentional pressure on advertising is not welcome from the electro922 blog, but we always strive to click on any of the ads in the blog as a result of your real desire to browse the ad. We have made and will do our best to ensure the content of the ad is safe, but we are not responsible for changing its content due to any reason. one of the reasons.

All of the services offered by Electro922 are free of charge. We will only deal with this code and not our partners. We are not responsible for any fraud or fraud by other people. You should make sure that you only deal with the blog administration.

· The electro922 code expresses the writer's thought. It may be different from your thinking. You must acknowledge that each person has an opinion which may be contrary to your opinion. I must represent this when deciding to post a response to this blog. You should not place content that is contrary to Islamic religion or laws, Against violence, drugs or pornographic content, and against an individual, and there is no need for terrorism, destruction or piracy of all kinds. Suspected participation will be stopped and the relevant authorities notified.

· You may change or add other terms or conditions, and we strongly encourage you to ensure that you follow the usage agreement periodically. If you have any problems or if you would like to inquire about any item or anything related to the Code in all sections, you can contact the Blog Manager via our contact page or Email us directly below


Evacuation responsibilaty:

The utmost effort has been made to ensure that this Code contains accurate and updated information. However, the Code shall not be liable for the contents of this Code or its non-compliance with the reader's requirements, nor shall it be liable or liable for any consequences related to the reading of this Code or due to misuse or misuse. Programs or tools or any information from the information available in this Code.

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