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Television rights for Serie A in Italy, sold to the Spaniards

The Serie A League in Italy sold its television rights for 2018-2021 to Spanish 

media company Mediapro for the sum of 1.05 billion euros plus another 1,000 


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The agreement deprives Berlusconi's Mediaset and Sky Italia for the 

broadcasting of this competition, even though the amount offered by Mediapro 

exceeds the EUR 1.05 billion minimum threshold that made such a transaction 

conditional. The League will now notify the Italian antitrust authority of its 

decision before officially assigning television rights. Sky Italia has asked the 

Serie A League to reject MediaPro's offer for the television rights of this sports 

competition, on the grounds that the Spanish company will not act as an 

intermediary, but as a broadcaster. "Sky warns the Serie A League not to assign 

its media rights to Mediapro, despite the fact that it presented an exclusive 

offer to independent intermediaries, it would not work as a broadcaster, Sky 

urges the League to consider Mediapro's offer unacceptable, stop the 

negotiations with this company and exclude it from the auction, "said Sky 

Italia. Sky has issued this warning because there is speculation that Mediapro is 

planning to help Serie A launch its own channels, including all technical support 

and staffing. The Spanish company has a similar agreement with Bein Sports in 

Spain. The Serie A auction was previously postponed until February 2018, due 

to the fact that last summer Sky and Mediaset failed to acquire television rights 

under the conditions of Series A, the minimum amount of 1.05 billion euros. 

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