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Irdeto bought Denuvo

Irdeto, a digital literacy security company (also offering the homemade television encryption system), has acquired Denuvo, a security video game company, to offer anti-piracy and anti-cheating solutions for gaming on desktop, mobile, console, or VR-enabled devices. 

Denuvo offers technology and services for game and platform developers, independent software vendors, e-mail providers, and video developers. Denuvo's current customers include Electronic Arts, UbiSoft, Warner Bros. and Lionsgate Entertainment, with protection for games such as Star Wars Battlefront II, Football Manager, Injustice 2 and others. Denuvo will continue to function as usual, keeping all current employees, and Denuvo headquarters along with sales operations will continue to function as before. However, the acquisition will provide a larger market for the company's services. "The global market for electronic games is estimated at 128.5 billion euros." The success of any game depends on its ability to function as intended by the developer, and therefore the protection of the game and the gaming experience for end-users is critical. brings together decades of security experience to better address the new threats to digital security, "said Doug Lowther, CEO of Irdeto. Denuvo technology makes reverse engineering virtually difficult to use to redistribute games illegally. Denuvo will take advantage of Irdeto's security expertise, anti-piracy technology, Irdeto Cloakware security technology, and application protection technology to strengthen its own offer. "Cheating on gaming platforms is also a challenge that needs to be addressed as it can distort the game experience. Gaming may be less enjoyable and the title even impossible to play online if other players use cheat The anti-cheat technology prevents the cheats from manipulating and distorting data and codes and thus gaining advantages over other gamers. Anti-cheat technology prevents dilution of game value for the user and the studio but the cheats are smart and have always been, so it is essential to implement robust strategies. "Just like in the film industry, it is the only way to make sure that excellent games continue to be done,said Reinhard Blaukovitsch, Managing Director of Denuvo, Irdeto. Denuvo technology allows binary protection for games and applications across multiple platforms, including desktops (Windows), consoles (PS4, Xbox), VRs and mobile games. Denuvo also offers additional technology for uses beyond the gaming market to protect B2B software, eBooks and video for Hollywood studios. 

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